Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wine Messe Zurich - Go before November 13th

On Saturday, after a delicious lunch at the Johanniter Restaurant on Niederdorfstrasse, we waddled down to the Zurcher Wein-Ausstellung, or the Wine Fair. You can't miss it -there are 12 boats on the Zurich See full of thousands of bottles of wine. And if you can't see it before you pay the CHF 20 entrance fee, perhaps you aren't in any shape to down glass after glass of red, white, and rose from the exhibitors on board.

I have to admit - the whole affair was a bit overwhelming because the selection was just so HUGE. I think it is best if you go prepared, ready to try wines from a particular region or of a particular type. And don't even think of bringing a bag and trying to buy a bottle on board... that is like... so taboo... and don't ask how I know that.

Anyway, the whole point of the show is buying in bulk (or so it seems) from the wine shops. That's right - you are not buying from the vineyards but rather from the wine shops selling their wares. Everything goes on a bill and they will deliver the wine to your house later... good deal, but you only get free delivery - at some shops - after ordering 24 bottles... so my dreams of taking home a couple of bottles of sweet, sweet nectar died early on.

But I did get to try a lot of excellent wines, dessert wines, and aperitifs... and some sausage made from pigs that are fed a bottle of wine a day. Don't ask.

And... another great plus is that after everyone has had a few drinks, you can easily coerce them to do stuff like this:

Hoot! . Sarah is going to kill me as this wasn't her favorite photo, but I had to. I mean, just look how skillfully I aligned the camera, and how cunning her expression is and how gently she is cupping... Ok, ok, I'll stop.

Just tell me though... whose bum is he reaching for? hehe

No more drink. I promise. But make your way to the boats. You can't miss them. Now through November 13th.


Bluefish said...

I'm not a fan of wine, but it sure looks like a lot of fun. Great picture, by the way. A lot of imagination.

Kathryn said...

Hahahahaha!! Love that picture! Tell your friend it just *had* to be's too great not to!
The wine event sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I could have been there!

I love that you go out & do and see so much there! So many people live aboad but don't experience half of what you've already done! Bravo! :O)

mrsmac said...

brian's buying some cases with some coworkers of his. if you want to split a case or buy a couple of bottles from him, let me know!

he had a great time there and had plans to go again tomorrow. not sure if that will still happen though...


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