Friday, November 7, 2008

Got meat? Eating Swiss with Sarah.

While Sarah was here, we ate out quite a bit and it was great to try some new Swiss specialities... well, at least I did. We all know by now that the Schnitzel King has made his selection... oh and don't worry, he always looks this happy when he has Schnitzel, not just because this was the 15,425 photo of the day:
Sarah was also encouraged at the Johanniter Restaurant to have the Schnitzel, and she did, the pork one, and it went down a treat. Yum.

Careful with the Salz there, sista!

I, on the other hand, have been interested in the WILD things of late (go on and make the growling noise in your head, I know you want to... it's ok), and I went for some yummy Hirsch or venison with the traditional red sauerkraut and spaetzli. This is very seasonal and very gamey and very good if you ask me.

For our last meal on Monday night, we had to forgo the three foot, or as I like to call it, the meter wiener, because Jace had a sausage for lunch (it is CHF 85 for three feet of wiener, or enough for 4 people at the Zeughauskeller, one of our favorite touristy places in Zurich to eat a great Swiss meal).

We have yet to try the meter wiener and this was my only chance. I mean, how many friends will agree to you taking their photo while they devour a three foot sausage. MIST... Without fail, Jace got a Schnitzel... well, cordon bleu is a type of Schnitzel, don't deny it....

Sarah got a.... woah how did this photo get in here?
(this is what happens when I am lacking 3 foot wiener photos and accompanying jokes...) ;)

(Clearing throat...) Back to business.. Sarah and I, instead, had the Wiener of the Month. Almost as satisfying as the Meter Wiener, but you know, it just didn't go the distance.
(Bad-dum Tsch... HAHHAA. Ok. I got one in. We can continue....)

The Wurst of the Month, that is the real name, was really yummy, smoked and more like a kielbasa actually. I was very much into the kraut, too. Yummm yumm.

Finally, on Tuesday, before Sarah flew off into the blue (er, grey) Zurich skies, we ate at the the Steinerhof in Urdorf, where I introduced Sarah to Geschnetzeltes nach Zuricher Art, or veal stewed in a delicious mushroom sauce with egg noodles. DELISH. This is by far my favorite Swiss meal so far. Please try it if you are in Zurich or make it at home! ;)

Ps. Don't worry, we did round out our menu with some cheese, chocolate, and beer along the way. And there is a tomato on that plate up there, too... so we didn't just eat meat for 5 days straight... (if required, insert your own joke here). ;)


M'dame Jo said...

I think my cholesterol levels went up just reading this note :)

I like Zurich Geschnetzeltes too, but did you know that the traditional recipe has kidneys in it (the french "rognons")? I like the kidney-free version a lot!

Bluefish said...

I'm so hungry right now...snif snif. I'm so jealous! You should become a food critic.

Hopefully one day we will visit Switzerland and eat all the delicious food.


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