Thursday, November 13, 2008

Zurich 'Must See' #6: Lindenplatz

Zürich Must See #6:Lindenhof in Lindenplatz - one of the best views of Zürich!
Location: Lindenhof
Website: More info in German, or in English
When: Whenever!

The Lindenhof area of Zürich is particularly quaint and cosy, with lots of old buildings and cobblestone streets. I always take my visitors up to the Lindenplatz area, which is particularly charming when the residents are playing the big chess up there, and it is also one of the best views of Zürich over the wall and looking down on the Limmat. Jace would also have me mention that this is also the spot where you can see some of the remains of the previous Roman town that made mark here centuries ago, and there are supposedly Roman ruins under the entire Lindenplatz area. So go up and have a look around... great photo opp as well!

Größere Kartenansicht


Bluefish said...

Very beautiful:)

Sarah said...

Jeez, I should get paid every time you put up my picture. I could use the extra cash. At least it's not the butt-grabbing one...again...

Nathan E. Hammer said...

Ah, Lindenhof. When I saw your "Must See" list of Zurich, Lindenhof came to mind. I love Zurich. It was the first city I lived in when moving to Switzerland. I love the dialect (although when moving to Basel they called it a throat disease), I love Bahnhofstrasse with everything I can't afford. Lindenhof was always a place I would return to when visiting Zurich.

Wait until Christmas, Zurich is BEAUTIFUL with some snow and the lights hanging down Bahnhofstrasse. I love that too.


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