Wednesday, November 12, 2008

American Bakeries in the Bahnhof

While I am feeling nostalgic and a bit homesick, I thought I would do a post about American bakeries in the Zurich Hauptbahnhof. There are now two American bakeries in the Hauptbahnhof, and I always like to stop by and have a look at what they are selling as authentic American baked goodies. I find it somewhat comforting and somewhat strange to see what people classify as 'American.'

The first bakery is in the mall section, near platform 1 and 2, I think. They always have a lot of these (below)... thank you Homer for making this an American icon. Doh! Then again, it probably was before the Simpsons that Americans became known for their donuts. I love the little American flags, too!

Then of course there are always bagels as well! This is a Swiss Bagel though - with Gruyer of course! Only CHF 6.50. Is that a steal? Probably not. They also had blondies and brownies when I went by the other day, and a lot of smoothies, but I don't think that is particularly American. And chocolate chip cookies, too!

This is the newest addition to the Bahnhof, the other American bakery. It is up top, out in the open, near the ticket counters. It is called Blueberry. I have yet to go in there, but it looks nice and I read that they had muffins. Let me know if you have already been. Have a muffin for me. :)


Jul said...

I grabbed a bagel from Blueberry when I left Zurich last week, since my favorite place for HB sandwiches has closed. The bagel was OK... as long as I didn't think of it as a bagel. ;)

rösti said...

what is the deal with donuts. They sell them *everywhere* - not just at "american" style places. Yesterday at the Migros cafe, I just stared at the myriad choices of donuts and wondered about this... of all the delicious Swiss pastries, they want to eat donuts that appear to be shellacked in icing??

Stephersplatz said...

I went crazy eating bagels and smoothies when I was in Dublin a few weeks ago. :-)

I've seen blueberry, but where is that other bakery located?


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