Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Advent Day 12: Biberbrot

Christmas Advent Day 12: Biberfladen

Biberfladen or Biberbrot is available at all the carnivals and is also available during Christmas.
It is Lebkuchen, which reminds me of gingerbread but different spices, and Biberbrot is generally filled with all kinds of yumminess like marzipan or hazelnut filling.

To be totally honest... I have not tried this before so I would love to hear what everyone thinks about the good ol' Biberfladen... if it is good, I'll buy some before Christmas to try!

They usually have the sugared nuts at the same stand - so go for gold!


Bluefish said...

*drools* Did you eat any of those?

Joanna "Serowa Marzycielka" said...

Hi Jessica,

wow, everything looks yummy ;D

And have you ever eaten the Basler Leckerli? We received a bag of them a year or two ago, but we thought they were just some ordinary cakes (and we’re not Lebkuchen-Fans). After couple of days, we opened the bag and aaaaaaaaaaaa, they tasted awesome! We ate all the Basler Leckerlins during one morning ;) I wonder if you can easily buy them in any of the big Swiss cities (not only in the Basel region)...?

Guten Appetit! :)

rösti said...

My husband is addicted to Biberli, the little miniature biberbrot that they sell in Migros/Coop. Kinda dry, but ok. The ones with pear remind me a lot of Fig Newtons.

Expat Traveler said...

I used to love these treats... Now I want to make my way back next year for a great Christmas visit!

rösti said...

Joanna -- there is a store in the Zurich HB that just sells Basler Leckerli . it's called the Leckerli-Haus (original, I know) and is on the bottom level.

Joanna "Serowa Marzycielka" said...


thanx!!!!! That's a good reason to go to Zurich when visiting CH. May be not for everyone, but for me yes ;)

Jessica said...

Thanks, Joanna. I am on the lookout for the Basler Leckerli now!


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