Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Advent Day 11: Feueryangen-Bowle Huesli

Christmas Advent Day 11: Feueryangen-Bowle Huesli

I originally read about the Feuerzangen-Bowle on This non-American life, so when I saw this Huesli (little house in Swiss German) at the
Werdmühleplatz market I knew I had to try some.

According to Juls', it's 'a hot drink much like glü make feuerzangenbowle correctly, one soaks sugar in rum, lights it on fire, and lets it melt into the wine.' Now, I swore that this tasted more like fruit punch with rum to me, but it could have been wine... nonetheless the drink is flavored with Christmas spices and there was an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic version available at the Huesli.

Here the witches' helper is lighting the rum on fire... oooooooooh. Definately good stuff and sure does warm ya up. I am not sure if I have choosen a favorite between this and gluhwein yet, but ask again at the end of the holiday season, and I am sure I will have an educated opinion then. :)


Bluefish said...

Just looking at your beautiful pictures, makes me want to move to Switzerland.

MrsTina said...

This looks so yummy....thanks for the great pictures!

Jessica said...

Thanks guys!


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