Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Advent Day 2: Einsiedeln Christmas Market

Christmas Advent Day 2: Einsiedeln Christmas Market

After hearing about this market from a few sources, I decided to make it my first stop of the Christmas season on Saturday, the first day of its opening. Einsiedeln is about 45 minutes away from Zurich, probably less by car, and I made it there with the train without any effort at all. It was such a lovely trip as well. I was told that the market was special because of the monastery and church in the backdrop, and I could not agree more.

There are tons of little wooden market houses filled with Christmas delights, all the way from the station up to the church, and at night everything is beautifully lit and the Church is actually the backdrop for some really beautiful (and some cheesy) Christmas projections. It makes for a lovely atmosphere.

Like... here are some horses being projected on the church... isn't this so funny? I got caught in the excitement and was part of the Christmas atmosphere for just a moment, in more ways than one... doesn't the guy two to my left look like a hippo (as in his face looks like the shadow of a hippo... strange)?! :) I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by the goods at the Einsideln Christmas market as I am on the hunt for some traditional handmade Christmas crafts and this market was more about Christmas gifts and food than handicrafts... but it is still early! I will find my handicrafts somewhere! ;) The food stalls were really amazing though - lots of yummy delights to behold, like the first advent day's focus - the fried apple rings!

Definitely check out this little market for a lovely weekend trip. I think you will truly enjoy it!

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Bluefish said...

One word: wow! Pretty amazing!


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