Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Advent Day 3: Star shaped cookies...

Christmas Advent Day 3: Star shaped cookies... and the king of them all - the Zimtsterne.

There is something about the star shape that seems to be magical at Christmas and from close observation the Swiss take it to a whole new level - and by that I mean they elevate it from religious icon to holy edible delight - announcing the Zimtsterne!

Ok, I will admit - I am not the first to report on this Swiss wonder, Michelle beat me to it and she made them herself. Boo-ja... talk about in the holiday spirit! But she is completely right - these little cinnamon cookies are delicious and always star shaped. Interesting... (the Zimtsterne are the white stars far left, below...)

There are heaps of star shaped cookies at the Christmas markets, but the Zimtsterne are my favorite by far. And if you don't make it to the markets, well you can buy the dough in your refrigerated section at Migros or Coop and make them yourself... or you can always go the 'from scratch' route like Michelle, who has a recipe link on her delightful blog. Or you can just buy them from Migros in a bag, like the one below, far right. A coworker shared one with me the other day and it was heaven.

Happy eating the Zimtsterne my friends! ;)

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Bluefish said...

I want those stars!!! They must taste yummy.


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