Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Advent Day 9: Adventskerzen

I probably should have posted about these on December 1st or 2nd but let's face it - without a photo it is worthless... WORTHLESS I TELL YOU!

Ok, I am ok now. This last weekend I got some nice shots of these babies and now it is time to share... announcing:

Christmas Advent Day 9: Adventskerzen (Advent candles)

These are pretty easy to get the hang of. Here are some directions just in case:
1. Buy Adventskerzen in the style and design of your liking.
2. Light the candle. If there are four candles, light a new one each new week of Advent on Sunday usually, if there is only one, well... just light it whenever you want!
3. Blow out. Rinse. Repeat.

I am particularly a fan of this one... I love the ones that have dried fruits and pine cones, too.

It is not too late, so if you still want an Adventskerzen go out and get one! You can find it out at the markets or at your local florist.

(Note: I have no idea how the first picture, the tree with all the candles works... meaning I don't think it is an actual Adventskerzen, but I liked it as a photo... so enjoy and please note that Swisstory does not promote fire hazards such as these so please light responsibly...)

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