Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seeking Swiss Buns...

Ok, sorry, I couldn't help myself with the post for this title, but perhaps you can help... here is Jenepher's question:
'I've written to your blog to see if anyone knows the recipe for a Swiss recipe, little sponge buns which are filled in the middle with creme patisserie and covered with chocolate icing. They look a bit like chocolate covered round doughnuts. I had them many years ago in Chateau'doex and my grandmother made them for a treat. She learned the recipe in Switzerland.'
Anyone know?


Miriam J said...

These sound an awful lot like what we call soesjes in Dutch - little roudn choux pastries filled with cream/custard and then dusted with icing sugar or covered in chocolate icing. If that sounds right email me (miriam.bier@gmail.com) and I'll get the recipe from my Mum!

Rita Egolf said...

Hi Jessica
I am a swiss living in Spain - my husband is a chef - so here goes ...you can download the recipe from my website at: http://ritae.ch/profiteroles.pdf
Have fun and enjoy it :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Miriam and Rita but
The little chocolate covered sort of buns were made with a sponge mixture with a yellow creme patisserie in the centre and chocolate icing on top.
They were not choux pastry.
If anyone has the recipe I would be very grateful. Many thanks.


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