Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Palatschinken Pfandl - Wien Restaurant Review

Last week while in Wien, I went in search of some really amazing food. I did a search on Google and as if by fate alone I was directed almost immediately to a restaurant that will from here on out be known simply as heaven on earth - Palatschinken Pfandl.

Having a heritage that originates in the Tirolean Alps, we have a soft spot in our family for Palatschinken- a Central European pancake, says Wiki, but it is more like a crepe. And after seeing the menu online, I was sold...

The restaurant does both savory and sweet Palatschinken, and while I had dreams of the little ones filled with sugar and spice and everything nice, I was easily swayed by the waitress' lunch recommendation - and by God, I might have to marry that woman.*

I had Menu 6 - "The Original Wiener Pfandlrostbraten."
Roast beef with a cognac pepper sauce, fried roast potatoes topped with fried onions and sour pickles. My breath stunk for hours - as testified by Jace upon my return home that night - "What did you eat?!?! Wheewwoooooooooo." But boy was that baby worth it.


It was one of those meals that you keep telling yourself to stop because you want dessert but you cannot help yourself. It is just that good.

After... salad intact, the rest in me belly...

I sacrificed the salad for the sake of the sweet palatschinken coming my way for dessert. And it was worth it... oh boy was it worth it.

As part of the menu, you get to choose two different Palatschinken - oh goody! I chose one with cherries and marzipan and another with bananas and chocolate sauce. Repeat after me... "Yummmmmm." You better believe I licked the plate clean. There is NO SHAME.

I highly recommend Palatschinken Pfandl. I cannot wait to go back to Wien and stop in to try one of the other delicious lunch specials. And, will I be saving room for dessert again? Um...what are you talking about?! I've started saving already. Bring it on, baby!

* This is only a figure of speech... don't worry!

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juanitatortilla said...

O.M.G. (x5).

Bluefish said...

What an interesting dish...I envy you so much.

Mike said...

!!!! Wow!!!!

Mike said...

BTW. Our family just figured out how to cook our own Southern California version of our beloved Racette meal.

Expat Traveler said...

That dessert looks incredible!!!! I want some now... yummy... Great review.


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