Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow N'Rail Pass - savings on the slopes!

They go together like peanut butter and jelly... like a horse and a carriage.... it's... The Snow and Rail pass. Ok, excuse the cheesy intro, but this is important so please try pay attention and read on. Let's try again... Do you want to save money when you go skiing if you take the train to the slopes?! I thought so. Read on.

If you are planning on hitting the slopes this winter and you intend to get to your destination by train, you can save a bundle by purchasing your train ticket and lift ticket together as the Snow N'Rail Pass.

I have purchased this pass twice already, and by purchasing my lift ticket with my rail pass, I save about 30% off the total price. I know, it's super cool. These passes are available at all train stations - just ask for them - and they are available for over 39 ski resorts in Switzerland, including where I take my snowboarding lessons, Flumserberg.

The tickets you receive are shown in the photo above. The ticket on the right is my round-trip train ticket - including travel up the gondolas to the lifts. With this baby you even get 15% off rentals at Intersport.

The ticket on the left is what I exchange at the Flumserberg Kasse/Cashier or Lift Ticket Office for my lift ticket. Easy peasy, money in the bank.

I only get a 1 day pass, but there are 6 day passes available and also options for youth and children. And it goes without saying that you can use the half-fare card which also gives you... well, half-off (your train travel, not the lift ticket unfortunately).

Details from the SBB Site for the Flumserberg Snow N'Rail Pass:
  • Discounted return rail and postbus travel (30%) to Unterterzen or Flums (Ask for this when purchasing your ticket)
  • Discounted 1 or 2-day ski pass for the whole region incl. the 8-person Unterterzen–Flumserberg cable car or the Flums–Flumserberg postbus (Vouchers may be exchanged at Unterterzen, Tannenheim or Tannenboden valley stations)
So get out there already - only 3 more months of ski season left. See you on the slopes.
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Towe and Anders said...

It's a very good deal! Have you had many ski days so far? We went to Flims-Laax last weekend and it was great! towe.

malcolm said...

Thanks, SBB site is not clear that these are available to all, theres lots of general abonnment half fare card holder stuff that obscures what a great deal this is for visitors


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