Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's in my wallet? - Migros Cumulus Card

So this starts a new series of posts that I thought might be interesting to other Swiss expats - the What's in my wallet? series... and yes, a total Capital One rip-off. :)

What's in my wallet today? Well, I am glad you asked because today I am showing you my Migros Cumulus Card. All of the guide books and forums say to sign up for this baby as soon as possible because you will inevitably spend a lot on food in Switzerland and therefore you might as well earn a bit back. And they are right.

For every dollar you spend at Migros supermarkets or partners, you get 1 point on your card, and eventually you get coupons in the mail that you can spend like cash (see how much you have to spend to get a 5, 10, or 20 franc coupon! in german). You also get special rebate coupons and special offers in the mail - so it is worth it.

To sign up, just go to the customer service desk at your Migros and say, 'Ich möchte eine Cumulus Karte Anmeldung bitte.' That means you want an application. They will then hand one over with a smile and a twinkle in their eye, knowing you are on your way to joining a very posh club where the savings just keep on coming... ok, so perhaps not, but it is worthwhile. Fill out the form and hand it back over to the friendly customer service personnel and in moments you are on your way to FREEDOM!!! FREEEEDOMMMMM!!! Ok... so they will just give you a couple of cards and some stickers in case you want to use those instead... but in any case you are off!

Now you just have to remember to hand over the card each time you buy something! Good luck.

More info on Migros Cumulus Card - in German.
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agreablement said...

passo per caso nel tuo blog
un saluto from Italy, ciao

Jessica said...

Grazie! Ciao! Thanks for visiting. :)

mrsmac said...

ugh, i need one of these. but everything is in german so i haven't made the leap yet. i wish they'd let you apply online in english like coop does!

M'dame Jo said...

And do you also have a Freitag wallet?

Jessica said...

Why, yes, M'dame Jo, I do! ;)

Gwenyth said...

Hi Jessica, can I get two cards on the same number/account? Or do my bf and I have to have separate cards even though we do our food shopping for "the house"? Thanks for the useful post!

Jessica said...

Hey Gwenyth... yeah you get multiple cards and stickers for the same account... so you can give a card or a sticker to your boyfriend to share the account... or if he does not want to carry a card just put the sticker on an existing card in his wallet.

I tried this with Jace... and there was no way he was going to be using the card or the sticker.. ho hum. But I tried! :)Good luck.

Young Traveler said...

Great blog! We should get to get together for coffee one day--I would love to meet a fellow, not-so-Swiss blogger in person!


MrsTina said...

I need to hop on that. I really thought it more for getting the special prices and sending your marketing like Ralphs and Von's cards back in the US. I had an application shoved at me from a cashier once. I guess I better get around to filling it out! Thanks!

juanitatortilla said...

Oh my, can I just tell you that I filled up the form at the end of Oct 2008, peeled the card out of the form and started Cumulus-punkt-ing all these months.

Nothing. No mail whatsoever, on how many Punkts I have, and the Pin to login and 'come redeem your rewards now!'.

Now, tell me, what's a girl to do? Should I start taking my business elsewhere?
I must have chalked up over 2 million points already!!!

rösti said...

I know you don't have a car, but there are a lot of stores you can use your Cumulus card at and earn points as well - Migrol gas stations, bookstores, OBI, Micasa, Athleticum, etc. The list should be on the form. We also discovered our local Migros doubles your points on Thursdays, so that's when we do our big weekly shop. It really adds up and I looove getting those little 5 franc coupons each month! So much more useful than a bajillion Coop points to buy some toaster or something. We are all about the cash back.

rösti said...

Juanita, why don't you speak to the customer service person? I'm sure they will sort it out.

juanitatortilla said...

Oh Rösti,
if only someone at Migros could understand a word I was saying.

(I applied for the card with much frustration and hand gestures and stuttered 'cumulus's and 'punkts' and 'form's. I can't speak Deutsch, what more understand it.)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure what you wanna say is "Anmeldung", not "Anwendung".


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