Monday, February 16, 2009

The Freizeit Box - Freetime activities in and around Zurich

So lately, while things have been looking like this lately ...

We have just been holding down the fort and chilling indoors. It has been good all around as I have not gone to work with sore muscles and a stiff back for a few weeks and Jace has been able to rest up and get over his nasty virus - but all this time indoors does make you wish for some warmer weather so that you can take advantage of the great outdoors - and as if I didn't have enough on my list of things to do around Zurich come Spring, along comes the Freizeit Box.

Strangely enough, sponsored by the energy giant EKZ, the Zurcher Freizeit Box is my new favorite type of resource (a box full of cards, you will see what I mean in a minute) and my new favorite gift for newbies to the area. Although the cards are in German, I think you will see that they are user-friendly enough for everyone to use - and perhaps learn a bit of German along the way.

The box is filled with just about 100 cards with activities color coded to a region in Zurich, and a handy map. Each card is numbered and the activity is then numbered on the map so you can see which are closest to you.

On the front of each card is a description of the activity and a nice full color glossy photo...

On the back is more information and contact details. Very handy. I can see myself taking the card with me on the outing and stuffing them in my purse when I don't need them. Convenient.

I have dreams of spilling these out on the table and randomly picking an event for the day - or seeing as though I am in Switzerland now I might just pull one out of the top in a nice orderly fashion... perhaps a Rasante Schlittenfahrt is what I should do this weekend! :)

The cards are about 18 CHF and I picked these up at the bookstore near Stadelhofen... these cards are most likely available at all bookstores in Zürich in the local travel section. Enjoy!

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Michemily said...

Those cards are so cool!

Jessica said...

Thanks! I thought so too. I think they are very in at the moment as I also have some walking tour cards, similar to these, from Boston. :)

Young Traveler said...

That was the first thing I bought when I moved to Zurich. Still trying to do the dogsledding. You game?

Jessica said...

Um, you kidding.... yeah I am game. Contact me!:)

zuritopia said...

Wow, this post is so perfect for me, you must be psychic. I'm arriving in Zurich in March and am really looking forward to trying all kinds of fun things.

By the way, I've been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy your posts. Thanks!

Kerrin - MyKugelhopf said...

Ok, just added that to my "To Do List" for tomorrow. Hunt down those cards !! Thanks for sharing ! And um, did someone say dog sledding... very cool indeed !


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