Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's in my wallet? - Annual Train Pass

Since I commute to work everyday, I have to buy a round trip ticket at least 5 days a week. For the longest time I was just buying the monthly pass, but then after awhile I got smart to the annual pass and shelled out the dough - now I can travel as much as I want between home and Zurich (zone 10).

Why buy an annual train pass?
  • Convenience - I don't have to mess with the ticket counter or the machines anymore. It is a plastic card that I just whip out when I get spot checked on the trains.
  • Savings - when you buy the annual ticket, the price is reduced so you basically get three months of travel for free. Where have I been all these months to have missed these savings!
  • Security - If you lose it, I believe all you have to do is go in and get another card... I mean, your photo is on it so unless you have a doppelganger you are safe.
So if you travel frequently within the same zones, go ahead and consider the annual pass. It was worth it for me.
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Swiss Miss said...

I have the annual GA pass, which lets me take almost any form of transport within all of Switzerland. It's so worth it because you never have to wonder if you bought the wrong ticket or if you suddenly decide a place looks beautiful, you can jump off the train and just be spontaneous.

juanitatortilla said...

To be honest, we got it just for the convenient "credit card size", as opposed to the clumsy 'this just really doesn't want to fit into your purse' paper monthly passes!!!

Anonymous said...

wow annual! Max you could get here is monthly!

stacy said...

There are some great savings on train and transport with passes and day cards, but I think most Expats miss out on them because they don't think to ask at the travel office or can't read German so they don't look into them on SBB's website. It is always worth asking at the rail travel or ZVV office if there is a cheaper way of doing things, they will tell you!


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