Friday, February 13, 2009

It's here! The Swisstory Blurb Book

I finally got my Swisstory Blurb book in the mail this week - all 350 pages worth of blog stories and photos (lots of photos! all my extra photos that don't make it on the blog make it in the book).

And overall, I am pleased as punch. The photos are sharp and the printing is spot on. The colors are great and where the photos are dark I now know I need to lighten them a bit before printing. There is a difference between formatting for the web and formatting for the Blurb book, I see it now. All in all, I cannot tell you how excited I am that it was so easy to print a wonderful scrapbook of our time in Switzerland to date. I cannot wait to make Volume 2!

One issue... and it is small but it is pesky, is that I do not love the binding. It is a bit loose, but I contacted customer service and they tell me that this is simply the way it is done - it will be sturdy and withold the test of time despite the fact that it looks flimsy. We will just have to wait and see! But regardless, for my archiving and family memory purposes it does the job. Go blurb!

Ps. Happy Friday the 13th!
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Expat Traveler said...

Jessica - You are so awesome!!!! I printed out all of my prints in 2002 doing this same thing before they had Blurb...

How cool! You are making me want to print out my memories with some great tips too!

White Oleander said...

I checked out the website and they seem to offer great service. Thanks for the amazing idea. I'll do that with my wedding photos.

Jessica said...

Yeah, wedding albums with Blurb are amazing. Make sure your browse the Blurb bookstore - where you can see examples of all kinds of books made via Blurb. There are thousands of wedding albums, both professionally made and those note, and they are all lovely! Good luck and make sure you post a comment with a preview of your album when you are done. I cannot wait to see it.

Bluefish said...

Hi, which format did you choose? Regular landscape or the bigger size?

Jessica said...

I used the largest size, the 11 x 13 inch size. It is a nice big scrapbook size.

cynthia said...

Wow and I am gonna say it again:) Wow. Your book turned out amazing:) And your pictures are amazing:) I also checked out your nice book!!!! I love how you put the map in there the other papers. Very cool. I am so excited now:) Thanks for sharing Jessica!


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