Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Date with Andrea and Andre (Rieu that is!)

So on New Year's Eve we were surfing the channels and unbelieveably we came across a concert in Sydney, an orchestra, that played beautifully and was endlessly entertaining. The orchestra was that of Andre Rieu. I was moved to tears and when they advertised at the end of the show that they were coming to Zürich in February, I snatched up two tickets to last Friday's performance. While Jace was busy with his 100 degree temperature and nasty virus, I had to find a new date, and in the end my workmate Andrea came through with flying colours - hence my date with Andrea and Andre Rieu!
The concert was at the Hallenstadium - it is huge. This is where they also have all the ice hockey games. The ice was hard to walk on but we eventually made it to our seats... just kidding. No ice.

We were seated in the moderately priced ticket area which means we were able to see Andre about the size of a large grape. Thankfully they had these huge screens up so you could remember what color eyes Andre had.

Before the performance. Boy I look disheveled. At least Andrea was a model date.

The concert went for about 2 and a half hours, which included about 5 encores. They played all kinds of songs, some German, some pop culture (like the Titantic theme which was awesome) and a few waltzes which moved people to actually dance in the aisles (with a little persuasion from Andre that you are not a true man if you do not ask your woman, or any woman, to dance during the song).

Andre is known for being a bit fruity, I think, but I think he is just grand, and I don't mind the fact one bit that he is the first violin chair for most of the pieces, or that he has long hair, or that the costumes remind me of Cinderella's ball, or that up close he looks a bit orange because of all the make-up. It just makes it that much more entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining the whole show was done really well. After each piece Andre said a little story or something to tie the last song into the next, and the screens were abuzz with lights and pictures, and singers are coming and going giving their best. At one point the orchestra played a piece that is generally played during bull fights and Andre mentioned that anyone wearing red was in trouble. They panned the audience and found a women in head to toe red. He asked her if she could take anything off to avoid the bulls and she looked down her shirt and shook her head despondently no. Andre said, 'OH well, I have to go on with the song.' Next thing you know two men in a bull suit came running through the stadium and eventually chased the woman out... definately planned but endlessly entertaining. Loved it.

I would definatley recommend going to see Andre Rieu and his orchestra next year. His singers are devine and the music is sing-along but not annoying like a Barney concert. Just don't sing along unless Andre asks you to, ok? Because I did not pay all that money to hear my fellow concert goers sing... ok, Andrea? Just kidding-she sings great.

It was a great night, and the balloon drop and standing ovation just topped it all off. Thanks again to Andrea for being a great last minute date. (And don't forget, an enchilada is not a burrito and quesadillas make you say 'YUmmmm.') :)

Ps. Andre, if you don't want me to have this video on my site for copyright reasons or whatever, just say so, but I figure since the quality and picture are off that you won't mind me sharing your amazing concert in a 10 second clip. If you are worried, just say the word and give me free tickets to next year's event and it's gone. :)
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Carla said...

Oh! My mother-in-law loves him! She has all the DVDs. Next time he goes to Zurich we want to taker her.

M'dame Jo said...

But wasn't the acoustic awful? Stadiums are not exactly the best place for music and even rock music sounds poorly in there...

Expat Traveler said...

Oh that looks so exciting! Thanks for sharing such a great show. Was it easy to get your camera inside?

Jessica said...

M'dame Jo - you are right. The acoustics at times were pretty average and I felt a though I might be listening to a radio instead of at a live event... but that probably had something to do with the seating too. Regardless I think it is exciting to be amidst all the other fans and to see it live...

Expat Traveler - there were a lot of people with cameras and I waited to see if anyone got wrestled out before I shot away. Again, because we were so far away I do not think it was a big deal. There were tons of cameras in there though.


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