Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mountain Cleaners Needed

I was just thinking that it might be nice to volunteer this summer somewhere - perhaps this is just the thing. I, too, think that it is important to keep our natural surroundings beautiful and clean, and what better way to keep fit than to clean up after the "birds in our mountains that drop some things once in awhile..."

Chantal reported about this gem first on One Big Yodel. Check out the campaign here and sign up to be a mountain cleaner with me. ;)

Swiss Blogger Meet-Up!!! Would you be interested in partaking in a Blogger Meetup in Zürich on April 26th? Amanda of Queso Suizo and I are organizing the shin-dig... It is not too late to register your interest.

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1 comment:

Bluefish said...

I think this is a great idea. We need to keep this planet clean and happy:)


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