Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New X-Box Game - Alpine Legend

Want to 'become a tri-horn blastmaster?' Feel the need to 'don Lederhosen and blow your own trumpet?' This new Alpine Legend X-Box game is the answer to all our prayers, now we can be a part of the Swiss band:

Jam with alpine legends like Franz "The Manz" Lang and Johann Hornbostel. Shake the mountain tops with 100 classic Alphorn tracks including, “Whose spit is in my horn?” and “More goat bell (It needs)”.

Take your band through all the alpine rights of passage: a mountainous village tour, recording sessions in a log cabin studio, overcoming throat soother addiction, and even competing in a live yodel off.

Don't forget to 'immerse yourself with the mountain goat add on!!!'

Ps. The key to this game is the text at the bottom of the page... ah, how little it takes to make my day. Happy April Fools.
Swiss Blogger Meet-Up!!! Would you be interested in partaking in a Blogger Meetup in Zürich on April 26th? Amanda of Queso Suizo and I are organizing the shin-dig... It is not too late to register your interest.

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Amanda said...

Darn it. I was just going to ask you if you knew when this game comes out for the Wii.

Young Traveler said...

This just made my whole day.

Kerrin - MyKugelhopf said...

Oh my goodness, this is hysterical ! I love it !! So glad you posted it, thanks for sharing ! :)


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