Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pick your own tulip garden in Urdorf

(I did not get the photos from the Sechseläuten edited last night, so instead, another dip into Spring! Enjoy.)

Tulip Urdorf Switzerland 1Remember this photo from last year, in my Ode to Urdorf poem? It was the pick your own flowers garden in Urdorf (you have to pay for them though!), but towards the end of the tulip season last year.

Tulip Urdorf Switzerland 2

Well this year, I am here to see the beginning of the tulip time in Urdorf and I took a few photos to celebrate the bounty. Ah, Spring... Isn't it great that that silly snowman blew up quickly and we are in for a nice long summer?! The weather has been wonderful here lately, too. Lots of sunny dry days (it is not helping my garden grow though!) and beautiful weekends. I know we have been enjoying them. More on that to come, but until then, enjoy the tulips and perhaps go and pick yourself a few today at one of the pick your own lots, like this one in Urdorf.

Tulip Urdorf Switzerland 3

Tulip Urdorf Switzerland 4

Tulip Urdorf Switzerland 5
Tulip Urdorf Switzerland 6
Tulips Urdorf Switzerland Spring---
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Expat Traveler said...

such beautiful photos of tulips! I really missed getting out to photograph because of my bike training... I hope to make some of that up soon!


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