Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sechseläuten 2009 & the Böögg (with video!)

Sechseläuten 2009 Zürich BööggSo as promised, we went to the Sechseläuten yesterday and took in the Zünfte parade and saw the Böögg (snowman effigy) blow up. I have to admit - all of it was so much better than I had imagined. The Zünfte (guilds) parade went for hours in which thousands of guild members all dressed in their tradional costumes with hundreds of horses and horse drawn floats led the way to the Sechseläuten Platz where the Böögg is burnt. The smells at the beginning of the parade were all horse, but towards the end, all you could smell were the hundreds of thousands of flowers that were exchanged. Jace particularly liked the marching bands and I the horses and riders dressed to the nines. It really is a not to miss event. I would highly recommend it to anyone for a quick injection of Swiss culture and a wonderful community event.

I will have some pictures from the parade tomorrow, but until then, please enjoy this video of the burning of the Böögg. The Böögg lasted just under 13 minutes, which I will take to believe promises of a long summer - as according to wikipedia:
Popular tradition has it that the time between the lighting of the pyre and the explosion of the Böögg`s head is indicative of the coming summer: a quick explosion promises a warm, sunny summer, a drawn-out burning a cold and rainy one.
Regardless, it was entertaining! I will be back next year.

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Virginia said...

Yay, now I got to see the Böögg explode and my day is complete! I was there earlier in the day but had to leave before six.

eponymousmoniker said...

That was fabulous! Love the video - thanks so much for posting it. I'll be there next year ... I can't wait!

Vivian said...

I was there. It is quite an event. I particularly liked the horses circling the Böögg during the fire...very cool.


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