Friday, May 29, 2009

Spotted by Locals: Merkur Confiserie - Fresh chocolate by the slab

Have you checked out my favorite spots in Zürich yet on Spotted by Locals?


Ok, well I thought as much - so today I am featuring one of those favorites here - the Merkur Confiserie. I like the one on Bahnhofstrasse for a sensory experience - they even have a chocolatier behind the counter that you can watch at work! And I like the one in the Bahnhof for a quick pick-me-up.

But above all, those blocks of chocolate are awesome and make the perfect gift. Ahh... sweet chocolate block... I gotta run. There are a few with my name on them right now!

Read the full write-up on Spotted by Locals Zürich.
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Shaun said...

Agreed 100%. No, 110%.

juanitatortilla said...

Yes! I love how each chocolate has a "stamped" back/bottom. My favourite is Cranberry. What, no, which ones are your favourites?


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