Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Need a beer? Why not have it at Jules Verne

View from Jules Verne Panorama Bar

We had some visitors over the long weekend, and on Saturday since the weather was beautiful and the views to the Alps were unhindered, Jace recommended we go for a drink at Jules Verne Panorama bar just off Bahnhofstrasse. At first I was hesitant, it was a sunny, warm day - why not have it outside at a pub... but after I saw the view from up here, I was sold. This is really an amazing spot.

Another view... it is a 'panorama bar' after all!

Here is the bar from the outside. I thought that the drinks would be super expensive here due to the view, but they are really no more expensive than any other nice bar in Zurich... I had a panache for CHF 6. That is really pretty standard - and the view was thrown in for free. I really recommend you go for a drink next time someone special is in town. Great spot, Jace! Now how many gin and tonics did you have to drink here to realize that? ;)

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Shaun said...

Great spot.... thanks for the comment... I havent forgotten and will do it...

Susan May said...

I love the view from this place, but made the mistake of ordering a mixed drink - it was on the small side (naturally) - next time I'll stick with a beer.

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf said...

hey there ! i have passed by there about 9,725 times, but never went up for the view, nor a drink. think i'll have to, now that the permanent gray has lifted itself from the city ! yay!

very cool all your posts on the spotted by locals site too. i could not agree more with all of them - chocolate, felafel, cakefriends... !! very cool !


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