Friday, June 26, 2009

Adventures in the Swiss Allotment Garden

Sunflowers and zuchinni and pumpkins
Funny story: So the other day, I forgot my keys for the garden at work, but it was so sunny out that I just had to go tend to it. So I thought, for sure someone will let me in when I get there, right? So I walked the 10 minutes or so to the garden to wait for someone to let me in...

Beans and more lettuce
And I waited... and I waited. No one was around. How can this be? The weather was great?! The sun was shining. No one. I could see people in the distance but I did not want to force them to come a running to let me in. So I did what anyone would do...

I jumped the fence... and just as I was relishing in my amazing strength and prowress, my cat like nature to evade the enemy and glide over an obstacle, my flip flop slid from my foot - landing on the other side of the fence, naturally just out of reach... so there I was, a fugitive in my own garden, with one rubber flip flop.

Potato flower
No worries, I thought. I am pretty skilled. I will just go barefoot and do a few things in the garden and get the shoe later. No problem! Then I realized...

Spring onions
The same set of keys for the garden have the keys for the shed. DOH! There was not much I could do then but harvest a bit of lettuce and make a run for it - with one shoe. So I went to go back and jump back over the fence, but there was a couple on the bench just outside now. My plans were foiled!

At that point, I saw a fellow gardener by the gate and decided to work my magic on him... but before doing so, I took of my remaining flip flop and shoved it into my bag. Everyone gardens barefoot, right? He would not notice a thing! So I hobbled across the stones to the gate, pleaded for him to let me out, which he did, and...

More peas
... scrambled to get my flip flop, saying hello to those on the bench, like everyone just randomly loses shoes these days and picks them up on their way home. And then I scuffled back to the house, vowing never to forget my keys or my sanity again. The things we do for fresh salad, I tell ya.

Salad. Lettuce. Love.
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