Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flumserberg Hike (part 2)

As promised, here are the photos from the hike a couple of weekends ago. Flumserberg is so different in the summer - green, flowers everywhere, warm. :) It was really a pleasure to hike there and I would recommend it 100%. Just take the train to Untertertzen and the Gondola up to the top (Tannenboden, it's about a 15 minute ride).

We went with Jace's work colleagues and their families, and the weather could not have been more perfect... doesn't this just look like a dream? I am really glad they organized the event!

Here is Jace, donning his now slightly used hiking gear, and I got to put my new hiking shoes (purchased in the US) to the test. They were great! Very light and comfy. For once... I had the right shoes! :)

We took the gondola from Tannenboden (where are the ski lifts are) up to Maschgenkamm (another 15 minute gondola ride) and from there walked down the mountain.

By the way, this is exactly my kind of hike:


Rolling hills perfect for replicating The Sound of Music scenes.

And easy, wide tracks that are not stuck into a cliff side. Boy I hate those! Never again.
I love safety. And flatness... yes.

And plenty of photo opps along the way! Not to mention lots of flowers!

We stopped after about 2 hours for a BBQ lunch. There was a grill and firewood all ready for hikers to use and we got quite creative when it came to drinking the wine, considering we all forgot cups. It worked out well in the end!

And then we walked for about another hour and a half down to where we started, Tannenboden. A few skiers might remember this little house near Tannenboden, usually covered to the top with snow!
I would recommend you go for a hike at Flumserberg this summer, before the snow sets in in August... just kidding, maybe Sept. :) It was a great way to enjoy the Swiss outdoors and get some exercise... lord knows I need it - I am still working off this!
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Carla said...

What a great tip! I'll definitely go there :-)

Romy said...

Lovely! I've been meaning to head over there for a summer hike but it seems like every time we have a free day lately it's raining.

My perfect day of hiking is a like my perfect day of skiing - a nice long restaurant break, preferably with a sun patio, somewhere in the middle. :)

Habebi said...

Oh my word that's beautiful! I'm not much of a hiker, but, I think I could easily be one in Switzerland! Thanks for the great photos.

Tina said...

Where's your hiking poles Jessica??

Tempted to use ski poles?

priscilla said...

that looks gorgeous! what a hike.


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