Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flora of the Alps - Flumserberg Hike (part 1)

We went hiking a little while back at Flumserberg - yes, the very place we did our snowboarding lessons in the winter - and the mountains and day were just beautiful. It was the perfect hiking weather and I really enjoyed myself.

But before I write up the hike, and since I accidentally gave a sneak preview already, I thought I would share some of the flora that we encountered up at 6000 feet. I will preface these photos by saying that I have NO IDEA what they are - although I think one photo is of buttercups - so feel free to comment with the correct horticultural names - either common name or genius / species... we are pretty easy going here at Swisstory. :) Enjoy!

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Tina said...

Here you go.....

The hiking guide of the Oberland says the yellow flowers are....

Trollblume - German
Trolle d'Europe - French
Glober Flower - English
Trollius Europeaues - Latin

I find it so wierd to be hiking in the same places that we ski.... too funny!

Tina said...

Opps.. I mean globe not glober!!!

Expat Traveler said...

Isn't it just amazing how the seasons change like that, great photos!

Shaun said...

Beautiful Pics Jessica!

Dan said...

Wow - it seems like yesterday I was snowboarding there! (it was, in fact, April) It looks so different now! I miss Switzerland.


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