Friday, June 12, 2009

Supersaver tickets - WOW. I am in love.

As I mentioned, I am off to Basel for the day tomorrow. Call it a mini-break if you will. It was so spontaneous that I planned it all on Monday. Thank God for the weekend. I bought our tickets yesterday via SBB online, and I got such a deal (practically 2 for 1!) that I just had to share. Repeat after me: I love SBB Supersaver Tickets. This new program allows you to save heaps on tickets between most major cities in Switzerland, sometimes 1st class is cheaper than 2nd. Booja!

Basically, you just go online, pick where you want to go and when... options are limited to those dots above.

And then pick from the Supersaver Tickets on offer. The deal is that the savings are only for specific routes at specific times, but if you are flexible about arrival times it is no bother. Only deal is you have to buy each way separately. In the end, we spent about CHF 42 for 2 round trip tickets to Basel with half-tax. Practically BOGO! All the details are here... some conditions to note:
  • You can only get tickets 2 weeks in advance with Supersaver.
  • Routes are set and it tells you how many tickets are left for each route. Clever.
  • Get extra savings with half-tax.
  • You have to buy both ways separately.
  • Only available online for a limited time. This is just a pilot offer folks. Strike while its HOT!
Check out the SBB Supersaver Tickets now and Happy Weekend!

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Amanda said...

Oh yes! I love a good deal...

Stephersplatz said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I just got my tickets to Basel for this weekend as well. :-)

Olga said...

Beautiful blog! Have good time in Basel :) please drop by my blog too! :)

Tina said...

I think this replaced those "click and rail" tickets they used to have?!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Welcome to Swisstory, Olga.

Yes, Tina. I think that these did replace those.

Funny enough, I also got an email today asking for my feedback on these special tickets. They are quite the campaign. Snap them up while they last!!!

Márton said...

I have a GA (year pass) here in Switzerland, but I haven't used it from my 1200 CHF scholarship. Bummer!

SnacksGiving said...

Saw the offer too late when the only tickets available were for the weekdays after 11 or 12 pm. Will check it out again..Thanks for the info!


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