Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Harvest time at the Swiss allotment!

So the garden is in full swing and that means harvest time! All the Swiss plots are full of great fruit and veg and the plots are a flurry of excitement as everyone rushes to harvest their crop at the best times - having garden parties to celebrate the bounty... and me too! Here's the run down on what I am harvesting at the plot this week:
  • The beans are in full swing - yellow and green - and lot of them! They are a bit small at the moment, but I figure if I pick them over time I will get some small and some big ones and it will even out. Yum - fresh beans!
  • The onions are ready - I have spring onions, pickling onions (which I will try to pickle for Jace - fingers crossed that I don't end up with a moldy grey jar of vinegar - it can happen!), and regular big ol' yellow onions. They are coming up over time and eventually I will lift, dry and store them all.
  • We have carrots! For some reason, I figured I would totally fail with the carrots as the soil has to be just right, well draining, forked through and perhaps a bit sandy. I have great soil so I thought I would have forked carrots. Not so! They are awesome - both red carrots and orange.
  • Um, see those huge green things on the right - those are zucchini and yeah, I left them for a bit too long. Can you say zucchini bread, zucchini brownie (so yummy!) and ratatouille? Oh yes, and then some. After making all that, I still have these big daddies. Bread em' and bake them, Mom says. I think I might have to tomorrow.
  • Chilies (hot peppers I mean) are coming. So are the tomatoes. I had to move the chilis this last weekend actually because the tomatoes and pumpkins were drowning them out. They are happy living where the peas used to be, I hope. I hope moving them so late was not a mistake!
  • And how can forget those potatoes? They are all up now - and although they are not huge there are enough of them to last until winter if they store well (paper sack, in a dark, cool place)...
Honestly, I still cannot believe I have grown all this! It has been a lot of work - but it has been worth it for sure. More is still to come - fresh sweet corn, pumpkins (to eat and to decorate), lots more carrots, onions, radishes, chilis, tomatoes, beans, spinach, chinese cabbage, and more!

Enjoy some photos of the harvest - and check in again soon!

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Carla said...

Wow! Must be a great feeling to cook what you have planted yourself. Are you being able to consume all that? Do you give it away? I'm curious :-)

Chantal said...

Looks fabulous! And healthy! Congrats on becoming one step closer to Swissness!

Virginia said...

Admit it, you are actually twins. How else are you able to get so much done!? 'Fess up Jess-1. (Or is it Jess-2?)

Jessica said...

Thanks everyone!

Carla - a lot of it we consume now as it can be stored - potatoes and onions are in the keller, beans are frozen, I make stuff for lunch and the rest is being baked up. But there is a lot that I just don't get to and it pains me sometimes.

Virginia - I really enjoy it. So I made time. I really only go to the garden 2-3 times a week now. It was more often when I was planting more regularly, but now things are slowing and I spend more time washing the veg and bagging it up.

Expat Traveler said...

ratatouille - that sounds so great! I haven't had that in a long time!! congrats on such a successful year :)

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf said...

Ok, last time you got me with zucchini bread. Now it's zucchini brownies !! Really ?! Wow, do tell.

And congrats on the wonderfully successful, colorful and delicious harvest !


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