Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy 718th Birthday Switzerland!

Saturday, August 1st, is the 718th Swiss National Day! Time to grab your grill and a few cervelats, head down to the river and light up those fireworks to celebrate.

Word on the street and on wiki is that the action is at the Rhein Falls near Schaffhausen, where they light up the falls and set off an impressive fireworks display. I heard that driving there is a nightmare - but then again, what would a fireworks display be without the annoying midnight traffic back-up? So hop on the train or check out what your local area is putting on for the big day (the chances are good something is happening locally - in Urdorf it's on baby) and enjoy the show.

(For all those hard workers - bummer the holiday didn't fall on a week-day, isn't it?) ;)
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Expat Traveler said...

what a great photo! I remember a great time we had in 2002. I had the incredible views of lake leman and we got to see "les petards" all around... It was fun for me coming from an area where we never see fireworks.

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf said...

Wow, and I was getting concerned about turning 30 ! ha ha!!

Enjoy the festivities, wherever and whatever that means for you and the hubby ! Can't wait to read about it here . . . ! :)

Carla said...

I heard this should also be fun:

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there will be no fireworks at the Rhine Falls this year on August 1st. But the event is on August 22nd and luckily it is free.

Have a great weekend!

Olga said...

The picture is very colourful! I wish you to have fun celebrating ;)

Natascha said...

Definitely a bummer but whatever, it's Switzerland's 718th birthday and the sun is shining =) A great day, I just fear for my cats when the fireworks is starting...

Thinking of 1st August 1291 <3 Time's running so fast, I still remember when I was eight we received a silver coin stating the incredible number 700... That was 18 years ago - incredible...



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