Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bowle Fever

Yesterday, I mentioned that one of the best activities to hit up in Vienna in the summer is the Vienna Film Festival. And while there, I realized something very important about the Viennese... they love their Bowle's!!! (or is it Bowles? or Bowlie-Bowls? :)

Everywhere you looked amongst the international food tents, your eyes happened upon another Bowle - Himbeerbowle, Erdebeerbowle, Pfirsch-Bowle, Kirschbowle, etc, etc. What exactly is a Bowle!? Well it is an alcoholic (sometimes non-alcoholic) punch with fruit in it and the Austrians appear to be CRAZY about them. Not only were a lot on sale, but a lot were being consumed as well - far more than beer! (Unfortunately, I did not try one - but I did try something really yummy, a dessert and not Apfelstrudel, that I will report on next week. Yum! )

Until then, if you too want to experience Bowle Fever there are hundreds of recipes out there on the www. Just do a quick search on Google for Bowle and you will see what I mean. Enjoy!

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