Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vienna Film Festival at the Rathaus until August 30th

If you are going to be in Vienna from the end of June to the end of August, you need to listen very carefully to the advice I am about to impart. These nuggets of wisdom are gold, I tell you. GOLD! Ok, are you ready? Repeat after me.

If I am in Vienna in the summer, I will visit the Vienna Film Festival at the Rathaus. I will come hungry. I will love it.

Now lather, rinse and repeat again.

From June 27th until August 30th this year in Vienna/Wien the Film Festival is on at the Rathaus (Google map). Every night from about 6 pm onwards the food stands along the Rathaus park open up, offering all kinds of delicious and exotic international food fare... we are talking Mexican, Chinese, Iranian (I had this, yum!), Thai, Austrian, and Czech foods to name a few - there was even an Australian booth! Thank goodness this is not in Zürich or else I would be atleast 10kg heavier.

Then after you fill your belly, wait with a cold Viennese beer in one of the seats set up near the Rathaus and await the show at 9pm (program here in German). The beautiful Rathaus building is an excellent backdrop for the film - and you might even treat yourself to a bit of Ben & Jerry's mid show. I did not make it to the film festival last year, but I am glad I went to check it out last week after work. It is really the place to be in Vienna in summer. I highly recommend it! Enjoy!

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