Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marillenknödel - Sweet Balls of Goodness

Hello my lovely readers. I hope you excuse me for not posting yesterday. We went to PARIS (yeah!) for the weekend with Jace's sister and therefore I did not get much time to update posts on Sunday. You excuse me? It is ok? Oh thank you, you are so kind. I knew I liked you.

As a special treat for you being so wonderful, I have brought back something very interesting from Vienna from the Vienna Film Festival food fare... are you ready for it?!

Knödel you already probably know as one of those potato balls served beside your goulash or in your soup - but Marillenknödel are a special sweet form of Knödel - filled with chocolate or (usually apricot) jam, rolled in bread crumbs (in my case breadcrumbs and dried coconut) and sprinkled with powdered sugar! The dough in these sweet balls can be the potato dough or a quark (soft cheese) based dough.

Mine even had a bit of chocolate and strawberry sauce for dipping!

I have to admit - I would take a crepe or a bit of Kaiserschmarrn instead of these if I were given the option, and at the Rathaus Film Festival you definately do have the choice, but this was a great new Viennese specialty to try. Very chewy like a normal Knödel but soft and the warm filling was so gooey and unexpected. I had trouble finishing off the three balls - but I am sure you will find it easy if you take a light hand when it comes to the international food stalls and Bowles on offer... then again - good luck!
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Towe and Anders said...

That looks sooo delics! towe.

MP said...

Yum, yum! Those look totally delectable.

Just had to come out of lurking to tell you that I really like reading your blog! Great posts!


Habebi said...

Those look very, very yummy! And I love that you had "Sweet Balls of Goodness" in the title of this entry- nice touch.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

You, my dear, do nothing to help my post vacation diet. Off to go eat celery sticks... bleck!


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