Thursday, August 20, 2009

Umbrellas, Parkas and Fishnets - Otherwise known as Street Parade 2009

Two weekends ago we partook in the annual techno fest in the streets of Zürich, otherwise known as the Streetparade 2009.

And let's face it - from that first shot above - you know it was a bit of a flop. Yes, it was still all about the music and the crazy costumes - but the rain really put a damper on the whole event and our spirits... and the crazies did not come out in the forces seen in 2008... pity.

Everyone got all dressed up though still - or at least enough to make it interesting. For me, this year that meant in addition to my once a year eye liner debut, I also donned a big poncho. I know. It's see-through... and SEXXXXXXXXY.

It was either that... or this below....

Perhaps next time. :) Jace's sister Sarah is/was in town and she enjoyed the event as well. I hope so at least as she planned her trip around the date. Stupid rain. But we partook in the festivities - beer, then hundreds of trips to the toilet stands where we paid 2 CHF to pee, then more beer, dancing, good food, me complaining that no one wears ear plugs and they are all going to be deaf when they are older, etc... it was a good day in the end...

These nurses actually came in handy, too, as I saw a few partiers being taken away by ambulance crews. The cold and 'activities' of the day just don't mix with rain. So for 2010 keep your fingers crossed for sunshine and you will have this to look forward to! Enjoy!

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juanitatortilla said...

You braved the rain! 2 CHF to pee, why am I not surprised anymore. (Tell me what's FREE, and I'll try to act shocked, ha!)

Habebi said...

I love the costumes! It looks like an outdoor comicon. lol Those guys are dedicated!


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