Friday, August 7, 2009

My Orange Cinema Review

Last Sunday, I had the extreme pleasure of going to my first Orange Cinema movie showing. And it was great! Despite the rain all day, I checked my new best friend - the moving slide doppler radar tool for Switzerland - and he said it would be dry for the movie so we put on our waterproof suits and braved the elements to see the show - and you know what - it was dry the whole time! Thank you doppler! (Jace and I missed our first showing due to extraordinary squalls and storms... my oh my...)

The outdoor cinema is really great - super posh with bars and food and right on the See so you get a great view of the boats lit up and passing in the distance and the moon glowing overhead. When it is time for the show (we saw 'Up' - great new animated Pixar film, very cute!), the screen lifts up, like it is emerging from the water, although naturally it is not touching the water at all, and the lights go on and it is SHOW TIME. Very magical.

I went with my colleague, Michele. We both really enjoyed it. They really take care of you at the theatre, too - nice seats, free ice cream, red carpet entry, free rain ponchos (that say 'don't worry' on the back, and we've got you covered, hehe). Loved it.

There are a few more movies left in the season that you can see at the Orange Cinema and you can get tickets sometimes on the day from the ticket office on site. Tickets cost 20 CHF each and the cinema is located at the Zürihorn, just a 15 minute walk or so from Stadelhofen. Enjoy!
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Carla said...

Looks like you were just a few seats behind me. Wasn't it a great film? I loved it!
Free ice-cream, really?! I missed that :-/

Jessica said...

Yes, I just left you a comment on the Swiss Expat Blogger Network that I called out to you but you did not hear me. I thought about throwing my free ice cream at you to get your attention - but alas, I ate it all.

Oh so the ice cream! On the ticket that your print out is a coupon from an ice cream sponsor to get your free ice cream at the movie. Just hand over the ticket, and voila. Ice cream... it is in German though, so perhaps you missed it...


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