Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Swiss Allotment Garden Update

It is true. It is officially Fall and while the garden is slowing down, I by no means am. Things seem to be getting busier and busier. I am little sad though that the garden will soon be shut down due to the change of seasons... I will soon pick the last pumpkin. I will soon load up the compost one last time before winter. I will see the last sunflower fall. The garden teaches us much, does it not? But until then, let's enjoy it shall we?

There are still a few cherry tomatoes and zucchinis left. I am hoping the last of the corn will also make it through and a few last beans. The chilies (as in chili peppers) are hot and coming thick and fast - time to make some spicy oil for my favorite pizzas! I also seemed to have planted way more gourds and pumpkins than one can humanly handle. But I am enjoying placing them around the house and filling big bowls with them. I can't tell you how many times though people at work think the three I placed on display are fake! Hoot! Doesn't it just look like a Fall garden now? (Ps. Sid - is it possible you gave me a sunflower plant? I will take a photo this weekend! ;)

One of my garden neighbors actually totally beats me hands down when it comes to growing pumpkins - even if I only bought the small varieties! Check his out...
And a shot for comparison sake... mine on top of his! HOOOOooot! ;) That is a baby bear on the left on top of his giant pumpkin and a little wee one on the right on top of his monster one!

Enjoy the Fall weather my friends... just remember - it could be snowing soon! ;)

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Kristi said...

Oh my Gourd! Your garden is amazing...Have a great week with the fam.

juanitatortilla said...

Oh my word. You've definitely gotten a lot out from that allotment!

Oh my word. The size of those pumpkins! Where's Cinderella?!?

Sean said...

Bring on the snow.... well done on the pumpkins... I think :)

MP said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm amazed at the bounty, makes my own pathetic garden look quite pale in comparison. :)

Tina said...

Looks like pies in the waiting. Yum! Is it time to review the rules for keeping the garden tidy for winter?

Jessica said...

Tina - you have me in a panic now. I think I might have to review those rules! :)


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