Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Zeughauskeller - My favorites at the best Swiss restaurant in Zurich

A must eat in Zurich - Zuricher Geschnetzeltes!

This post has been a long time coming, and actually I posted about this gem of a restaurant awhile back on Spottedbylocals - the Zeughauskeller is hands down my favorite restaurant in Zurich. I love to take my guests there, I love to go there with coworkers, and I just love eating there. It is the epitome of Swiss cuisine for me. There is something for everyone and all leave happy and full every time.

I paid these kids in Schnitzel to point at the restaurant and dance Swiss
traditional dances for me. heheh.

My favorite, most recommended dishes to order at the Zeug are as follows:

1) Geschnetzeltes Zuricher Art - this is THE dish of Zurich. I think if you leave Zurich without having this you should be smacked with a wet noodle... this is veal served in a savory mushroom cream sauce with a golden rosti (translated on the menu as hash brown potatoes Swiss style - spot on actually) next door, soaking up all the saucy goodness you could not lick up. I love this with the house beer. See the first photo!

2) Haxen - this seems daunting, but it is not really and you will be so glad you ordered it after you devour every last piece of moist meat on the bone. This is a whole pork shank, skinned, marinated with fresh herbs and oven roasted in dark draught beer, served with the best potato salad you will find in Zurich. On the menu in German, it says "es halt solong es halt" or something similar, that basically means - 'get it while you can' as this baby sells out fast.

A rare occasion in which I share this yummy cake - VERY rare.
3) This is the Zeughaus cake - it is an ice cream cake which is pretty rare in Switzerland actually, and that is only part of why it is so delicious. The rest is because the ice cream is flecked with hazelnuts and chocolate and sandwiched around a delicious cake. I always get this - if I can fit it in around favorites 1 and 2 and a couple of pints of beer - and still have the energy to waddle to the train, or the tram in dire circumstances and then crawl onto the train. It is worth it though - so please do save some room!
Make sure you read the Spottedbylocals article about the Zeughaus, as I detail a the Kanonenputzer entre as well... a meter long sausage dish that makes me jump with glee every time I see it being served at the Zeug. It is just too good. I have yet to be in the company of people adventureous enough to share this with me - but there is still time - oh yes, my day will come. And make sure you go for dinner, as this place is only for meals and they will throw you out if you try to just come for a beer or coffee and cake - believe me, I know from experience.

So go forth - enjoy - and report back what your favorites are! (Ps. Make a reservation if you can, this place is ALWAYS very busy, but I also always get lucky if I go before 7 pm.)

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Anonymous said...

I love this restaurant, too! We take visitors there when we are in Zurich.

I am a little bummed, though. About a year ago, they had hand-made spaetzli on their menu and it was divine. But the last time we went there to eat (about a month or two ago), they no longer offered it.

juanitatortilla said...

Too bad for our vegetarian friends though. I had a little tough time being a non-mammalian eater -- fish 'n' chips or a chicken chop was all I could have. Boo.

Anneliese Mostert said...

I agree with you about this place being a favourite! Last night after we had bread and cheese for dinner my husband asked if we can now go to Zeughauskeller. Obviously he didn't see what I served as real dinner! I said no, we can't go, have more bread. But we will be there again soon and them I'm trying your favourite number 1.

Chantal said...

My favorite restaurant in Zurich is Hiltl. I find the food at the Zeughauskeller a bit heavy. But that's how the traditional food is I guess.

Kathy said...

I too love the Zeug. I usually get the sausage of the month though. I am looking forward to cold weather just so we can get back to trying all the hearty Swiss fare.

Sean said...

Spot on post Jessica..... fantastic and now I am hungry...!!!

Habebi said...

OH dang... those dishes looked delish! I nearly lost my laptop to the drool that was coming out of my mouth! lol

Expat Traveler said...

You've made me so hungry... Wow I'd love to visit that place next time I'm in town!

Susan said...

I love this place, and I really love this dish - once I was crazy enough to split it with someone - bah to that ever happening again!

My husband is a vegetarian, so I only have meat when I eat out, basically. I can't wait to return to Zeughauskeller and try the Haxan!

Susan said...

So, never push publish without reviewing ... I should have said, specifically, that I really love the Rosti Zuricher style (the Geschnetzeltes Zuricher)! Your # 1 pick! I totally concur.

MP said...

Um, yum! That all looks so delicious! :)

Kristi said...

That food looks redonkulous (really ridiculous). On my list of must do's.

ErinL said...

Can't wait to try this when I'm in Zurich next week! Thanks!

Nathan E. Hammer said...

Been there, love it. I constantly long to return. The Zürieschnetzeltes is amazing. If you need to eat while in Zürich, thats the place to go.

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