Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goodbye Kraft Mac - Hello Älplermagaronen

I interrupt this series of posts about my September Swiss Tour 2009 to talk about something very important... something that I feel I have a duty to tell you about before the moment just passes us by.... please allow me to present: Älpermagraronen.

I am not sure if that is the right way to spell it in Swiss German or not - but this is Swiss Mac and Cheese. And it is THE BOMB. I had that humdinger of a plate up there in Urnäsch over the weekend, inbetween cow sightings and pig races, and at the recommendation of Chantal and although my lactose intolerant intestines still say 'No!' my eyes and my palate are still saying 'Yes, yes, yes!'

First of all, the noodles are not anything like the boxed variety. These are more like spätzle, or little Swiss dumplings. The cheese is naturally no form of processed cheddar either - this is Appenzeller cheese, and it is my favorite Swiss cheese by far. The dish is generally made with fried onions on top as well which I think rounds the creaminess out perfectly as well as gives you some really tasty after-breath... but it is worth it. Do not be deterred.

And SAY YES TO APFELMUS PEOPLE! That is applesauce and the combination of apple and cheese is of course classic, but the smooth, creamy homemade applesauce generally served with Älplermagaronen is so heavenly that if I were left alone in a room with a trough of it, I would not be able to help myself...I really wouldn't! I love that stuff.

Here is Betty Bossi's Älplermagaronen recipe in German if you are feeling up to making it yourself, but check for this specialty on menus in the Appenzeller region and get ready for a treat...! YUM x one billion!

Chur tomorrow!

Ps. Here is the version that Susan mentions in the comments from Gasthaus Traube in Appenzell... more on that little town later! It was also a stop on our Swiss Tour!
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meghan said...
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mrsmac said...

Oh it is a good thing Brian didn't see that up there on Saturday, he loves the stuff!

DRosie said...

I will be hunting this down the next time I am there. Thanks for the heads up. Now I wish we had really run into you guys!

Susan said...

My favorite is prepared in Appenzell, at the Gasthause Traube (tucked back in a square by the world's teeniest Manor store, just a block off the main drag). Theirs is so good, and the applesauce (however you say it!) is fabulous. In fact, I want some right now!

Not only is the food delicious, but it's a really nice place with great service and atmosphere. I love it.

Chantal said...

Mmm. Glad you enjoyed it. I loved it too!!!

MP said...

Um, yum? That looks like the most delicious plate ever! Homemade mac n' cheese for dinner, here I come!

Jessica said...

Susan! I have had that too and you are right - IT IS FAB!!! I added a photo of the Gasthaus Taube version as well... this was probably the best plate of macaroni I have ever had! ;)

Kathy said...

I love this stuff. I guess I'm lucky that the restaurant about 200 M from our door that served this is closed now. Otherwise, cheese overload would have gotten seriously out of control by now.


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