Tuesday, September 22, 2009

St. Moritz in September

Sankt Moritzersee, Sankt Moritz

After 8 well-spent hours on the Glacier Express, we finally made it to our destination for the night - St. Moritz. While the Queen and Prince William were not joining us this time at this ski-destination for the rich and famous, we still had a lovely time without them eating a great dinner in town, walking around the posh town the next morning, seeing the sites.

While my family was having fun taking photos of this conditorei in the background, I asked this man with a nice bum which way it was the the See (lake) and he was polite enough to show us the way. Jace on the other hand was stuffing his face as usual... come on Jace, let's go see the lake!

We eventually made it down the hill to the lake, and it was a beautiful sunny day. Actually we had great weather the whole week!

I can only imagine how stunning the views and mountains would be in winter, covered with snow and little men skiing up and down.

There is a great viewing platform in the middle of the lake, easily accessible from the parking lot next to the train station in St. Moritz. Here my Mom and Aunt are busy taking photos. We lost Nathan long ago - I think the giant ice cream cone may have side-tracked him as well.

We had a fun time walking around the lake, taking in the fresh air, and posing for future St. Moritz postcards that would have a headline like, 'St. Moritz - Where you are as free as a bird, but as a poor as a beggar.'

Or perhaps... 'You will jump for joy when you realize how much money you saved by visiting in the low season and not in the peak season! St. Moritz! Yeah!'

So um, yeah, it is an expensive city because it is so touristy and posh, but it was still lovely and worth it for taking in the entire sites of the Glacier Express. Next time, we will leave some time for hiking as the area was truly gorgeous... next update - CHUR!

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SwissTwist said...

Such beautiful photos!! I've not thought of visiting St Moritz in Summer :-))

Mr Twist and I spent part of our honeymoon in St Moritz during Winter, it was amazing, though as you said quite expensive. Well worth it though.

Jessica said...

Thanks, SwissTwist! It really was nice. I think it would be way better in winter actually - but yes, expensive!


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