Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Rose that is Rapperswil

In the distance, the Capuchin Monestary in Rapperswil

We went to Rapperswil when my family was in town, and I have to admit... I loved it. I thought it would be bit too small - a bit too boring. And while it was small, it was far from boring. This little village at the end of the Zurichsee is honestly delightful. I can't imagine why we didn't visit it sooner - oh yeah, that's right - because Jace thought it would be small and boring. Note to self - Jace doesn't know what he is missing... all he knows is that Rapperswil is fun to say... "Rappers - veeelllll!"

Rapperswil castle

The highlights of the town include Rapperswil castle (now the Polish Muesum is housed inside as well as an über-expensive restaurant)...

... the wooden bridge to Hurden, one of the longest wooden bridges in the world...

Wooden bridge in the distance

... and the picturesque alleys of the Altstadt. The town is also famed for its multiple rose gardens, one of which I stumbled upon with a few open blossoms before Fall hit...

Align Center

... not to mention the Capuchin monestary on the hill - seen in the first picture, and the vineyards surrounding it are below.

Whether you come via train or boat, I would recommend Rapperswil for a lovely little weekend outing or daytrip from Zürich. There is a lot more to see than you would expect, and the size is just right for photo lovers or familes. Enjoy!

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juanitatortilla said...

Mm. I like Rapperswil! Glad to know you like it too.

My sister will insist that it is "rappers will...". Rappers will what? Rap, of course.

OK, ending my monologue here.


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