Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Traumjob gewinnen : VOTE FOR VALENTINA!

Hey everyone - one of my friends has applied for a dream job to be a sports moderator, and if she wins, she will get to moderate during the Swiss vs. Israel game coming up and get a whopping CHF 5.000! Please vote for her every day from now until next Monday the 12th and help her realize her dreams. (Only those that live in Switzerland can vote, so please tell your friends!)

PLUS- if you understand German, her video is super cute and definately the best!

GO VALENTINA!!! My hero! ;)


Thanks everyone.

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Amanda said...

Just voted for your friend... :)
Please tell me the video is in Swiss German - I barely understood a word they were saying!

Anneliese Mostert said...

Must be Swiss German, Amanda, I didn't understand a word either!


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