Friday, November 27, 2009

Räbeliechtli - Photos!

Today I am flying across the ocean to our new life in Australia... but I have not abandoned you yet! Here are some of the best shots from the Räbeliechtli - which MrsMac explained via her GuestPost a few weeks ago. All of these lanterns are made from turnips!

It was an amazing event, despite the rainy weather. The parade went about an hour and half. I would advise getting there early as the streets fill with people quickly and you want to ensure you get a good spot to take in the action but not be taken out by a float - some of them are very wide!!!  Just grab something yummy from one of the many street vendors and find your spot.

Before or after the parade, make sure you walk around the neighborhoods as well, because all of the houses and side-streets are also decorated with the turnip lanterns, making for a very magical display indeed. It's highly recommend that you take this in next year - the date is set for Saturday the 13th of November, 2010 in Richterswil. Thanks again to MrsMac for sharing this traditional event with Swisstory readers. Be sure to check out her blog, Swiss Family Mac.

Here is a slideshow with all of my best shots. . . see if you can guess what some of the floats are!

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Kathy said...

Bon voyage and viel Spass! looking forward to hearing all about Australia.


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