Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update! 3 Weeks until D(eparture) Day

I have been pretty lazy with the postings lately. I chalk it up to a few things -
  1. I am making a Blurb book for Christmas this year of the Swiss Tour 2009 that I took with my family, and if you make a book before the 24th of November, you get 20% off... (Promocode for 20% discount is: BLURBTREAT3) so the pressure is on and my free time for blog photo editing and publishing is tight. Ps. I made this book with my brother last year for Christmas and it went down A TREAT! Highly recommend book gifts.

    Family Cookbook
    By Jessica Cartwright

  2. We are in the thick of getting things together for the move:
    • More people are coming to check out the apartment tonight. If you are looking for an apartment, conact me via email for details and come on over! I will even let you look in my fridge. :) Just so you all know, we have no obligations regarding the apartment - we have given our proper 4 months notice, so all we have to do it leave. We don't need to pay any penalties because we complied with the notice period. Actually, we are not vested at all in whether or not someone takes our apartment before we go - hence, I am so moody that we have to show the apartment for the 4th time tonight, as I am tired of the inconvenience of having to clean up everything for strangers to come through when I don't care if they take it or not!  Ok... Sorry for the ranting. That is off my chest. Come on over. You can see my dirty clothes pile!  :)
    • Handed in the mail forwarding notice at the post...
    • Figured out how to get all our pension and retirement money back.
    • Filled out all the customs paperwork and ensured that we are not brining anything into Australia that we should not.
    • And much more... more on all that fun stuff later. There will be a BIG POST coming soon about all the things to do before you leave Switzerland.

  3.  Finally - to be honest - with all this leaving talk - I get a bit depressed. Don't get me wrong - we are excited to go back to Australia! But at the same time, it is a chapter closing and it doesn't get my creative juices flowing as well as they did when we had just arrived and the Swiss adventure was full of excitment and promise. . . so bear with me . . . posting will be a bit thin but I am still here... and a new blog will be up shortly!
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Bluefish said...

Good luck with your move.

I completed 2 Blurb books but the promo code doesn't work for me. Oh well. I'll be looking forward to your adventures.

MP said...

I'm excited to see/read your next blog and adventure! Good luck with the packing and the exiting.

Amy Mc. said...

Thanks for the blurb tip. I am actually working on my food blog right now so I will use it soon. Good luck with your move. I know that it is so stressful getting everything done and emotional leaving everything.


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