Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wanna be a guest blogger on Swisstory?

It always happens like this. I have a good idea - but I keep it to myself... then someone says, 'Hey, what about this?' and I say, 'That is exactly what I was thinking!' And then I do it. I don't get the credit - that is cool - but I get the confirmation that it was a good idea in the first place.

This is one of those times. Chantal offered to be a guest blogger on Swisstory while we are in transition, and I jumped on the offer as everyone loves her blog, One Big Yodel.

So I thought - yes, guest blogging is good. Why not offer guest blog spots to others?!

Would you like to be a Guest Blogger on Swisstory?:
As a guest blogger on Swisstory, your blog will be exposed to the hundreds of daily visitors I have and you will hopefully get some new readers and great link juice. If you are interested, please email me (jessica (at) swisstoryblog . com ) and we can work out the details. I would prefer Swiss related blogs apply, but I am open to other posts from bloggers that would appeal to my savvy travel, expat, adventure loving readership. :)

So email me already and I look forward to seeing your posts on Swisstoryblog!

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Chantal said...

Thanks for the callout. Looking forward to being a guest blogger on the fabulous Swisstory blog!

krystal said...

i wouldn't mind trying it out! i was in Switzerland about a month ago for my husbands job interview and now we are moving there this saturday! perhaps i can remind everyone of the anticipation...:)...and also beg for english speaking friends :) or discuss the he/she aspect of me and my husbands anticipations? it's endless really.
my blogs are:
the one im posting under which is random. and then me and marks is www.markandkrystal.wordpresscom


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