Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mis Cumpleanos en la Salsa Bote

Aboard the Salsa Schiff - Emily, me and Becca

On Saturday, I went overboard and decided to take my visitors and husband out on the
Salsa Schiff to celebrate my 27th Birthday. I heard about it from a fellow business traveler on my return trip from Frankfurt on Thursday and just simply had to go. The Salsa ship/boat leaves from the main dock across from Burkliplatz every Saturday from June 28 - September 13 (except August 9) at 20:00 sharp, but the doors open at 19:30 and there is a beginners salsa course at that time as well - so don't miss it if you are new to Salsa... the lesson was packed for us. You can also buy the tickets in advance either online or at the dock ticket office.

For 31 CHF per person, you get an amazing twilight cruise on a very large and modern boat, as well as a 5 CHF Gutschein for a drink onboard. (I don't think the coupon actually gets you a drink, but at least you get a reduced priced drink!) This is actually a bargain considering that general tours cost exactly as much without the Salsa entertainment.

We ate dinner onboard as well, and although the prices were high they weren't much higher than a dinner on Zürich mainland. And we alll were really impressed by the quality and presentation of the food. Looks like the favorite onboard was the fajitas and mojitos - but Jace and I both had the steak which was excellent and the girls had chicken salads with an excess of delicious chicken.

The best part of the night was trying some Salsa (dancing, not the food, sorry again Jace) and watching the semi-profis take to the floor. As my Dad would say, 'they sure can move.' It is a very fun and fluid dance and I would love to take lessons. Either way, it was a different experience, and something I would recommend if you are a fan of dancing. My only small complaint is that no one asked my gorgeous friends to dance. What is up with that? Very odd. But I think we all had fun regardless.

I mean, how does this photo not say, 'I am having a blast!'?

If you are not one for Salsa, there are a lot of other Theme Ships that might interest you! There are some that I think look fun, like the BBQ ship. Now that is what I should have taken Jace on - but then again, it was my birthday and how many opportunities to you have to embarass your husband by letting all his co-workers know that he went on the Salsa Ship?! That alone is present enough!

At the end of the Salsa Ship Cruise... great night. Thanks all for coming and indulging me!

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Bluefish said...

This sure looked like a lot of fun! Happy birthday again! I love reading your blog because you always make wonderful discovery in Zurich.


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