Friday, November 7, 2008

Speaking of meat... Metzgete

Speaking of meat... I have seen a lot of signs like this around Urdorf lately, announcing 'Metzgete' or 'Metzgata.' My initial thoughts were... "It's some kind of dish that has meat, because it sounds like butcher (Metzger) in German, it is for a limited time, and for some reason it is special because it seems to be offered with music and big celebrations..."

I asked at lunch this week what it was, and you could tell from the range of looks that there is either a love or hate relationship with the Metzgete. Wiki basically says that it is a Swiss specialty, and that after all the 'good' parts of the pig are cut up and processed or frozen, the others parts that don't keep so well (blood, stomach, skin, etc.) need to be used immediately, and what they make out of these parts is Metzgete. (All together now... 'Yummmmmmm.' ) But don't worry, there is a foundation that makes sure it is prepared consistently... needless to say, I like my meat, but I am a bit afraid of the Metzgete. (Photo here... doesn't look nearly as bad as what you would imagine...)

If you are interested, it is now Metzgete time, at least in Urdorf, until the 9th of November. Go and get your pig parts and some live music. :) Have a great weekend!

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Bluefish said...

There's no photo of metzgete:( I'm not quite sure what it is.

I eat a lot of weird pig parts: knuckle, blood, intestine, etc.


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