Monday, November 10, 2008

Helllllooo Milk Serum

While Sarah was visiting last weekend... oh my how it all seems like so, so long ago... I made her try some Rivella, but I forewarned her about the fact that it is "MILK SERUM" and I think that alone made her think that it would taste like 14 day old milk. I mean, really, what is this Swiss national drink in all actuality? It sounds like it is something milked from milk.

Setting: Farm.

Frame: Farmer visits the cow, milks the cow, sends the milk off to the oh so special Rivella factory, and they milk it 142 times until the serum is just right to make into a fruity drink.

I mean, come on....Who comes up with this? And is it really healthy? I have to find out. Now I hear they are milking the serum out of soybeans, too, for the yellow rivella. What do soy bean nipples look like, I ask you?! ;)

Results of the trial: Sarah said it didn't taste too bad at all... but then I found the bottle later 75% full on the coffee table, and that is where it sat all weekend. Case closed.

(Ps. You have to admit though, Rivella does pose for one hell of a photo. I mean, imagine the fate of that shot above... what a ham that Rivella.)


Sarah said...

It really wasn't bad! Just not very thirst-quenching is all.

May said...


Sorry for jumping in to comment on your blog just like that, but I lived 6 years in Switzerland (I'm a Dane) and NEVER got the point of Rivella. That, and the beer-softdrink mix, which I can't remember the name of right now.

I DID get a lot of other things, though, like fondue, yumyum.


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