Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Advent Day 10: The Singing Christmas Tree

Christmas Advent Day 10: The Singing Christmas Tree

I had heard about this singing Christmas tree on Werdmühleplatz from a few expats, so while we were wandering through Zürich on Sunday, amidst all the crazy Sunday shoppers (remind me to avoid that like the plague on the 21st!), we checked out the holiday music coming from the 40 foot tall tree.

The tree consists of 7 tiers of animatronic singers that are all perfectly tuned and timed and you can press a button and they sing one of 1000 songs.

And it was almost as good as Disney World. I mean look at the detail here... these robots are spot on... Zürich does a good animatroic singing tree, I'll tell you that.

Actually, I am just kidding. These aren't robots at all...... they are elves.

Ok so all joking aside... they are real people and they really sing and it was really good. On Sunday the group was from Baar and there are different choirs throughout December singing from the tree. Grab yourself some Glühwein and enjoy the show!

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Bluefish said...

I never seen this in my amazing:D


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