Monday, March 30, 2009

Zurich Spring is in the air!

As said in the last post, I had hoped to make an appearance at the Arboretum in April - and well, I was so inspired by the beauty in my own photos from last year, as well as the tip from Tanya's Blog, Been Lost Once, that I had to high-tail it to the Spring spectacle early, and I am glad I did.

Although the weather was icky - overcast and muddy, but at least not raining - I had a really great time taking shots of the first sprouts of spring. Or perhaps the first Spring Sprung... or maybe I will call it the Early Birds of Spring. Whatever you prefer, you get the idea - these irises and blue bells and crocuses (please correct me if I am wrong here) are the only things on show at the moment. The magnolias and the cherry blossoms and other blossoming trees are still to come... and you can bet I will be back in April when they arrive - because let's face it, with such a long winter behind us, who isn't freaking excited about Spring?!? Woo hoo! Bring it on....

Until then, I wish you a fine Spring day and hope you enjoy these shots brought to you from the Zurich Arboretum.

(Just wait until these magnolias open... gorgeous!)

A little wet and soggy out there, but still nice and green.

Swiss Blogger Meet-Up!!! Would you be interested in partaking in a Blogger Meetup in Zürich on April 26th? Amanda of Queso Suizo and I are organizing the shin-dig... It is not too late to register your interest.

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Shaun said...

Beautiful pics... waiting in anticipation for more to come... :)

Young Traveler said...

Lovely pictures!

Hmmm...I have been to Como, but I was 18 (with rocks in my head) when I went there, so I can't say that I recall that much about it. However, they are REALLY CLOSE to one another, so you could theoretically do both. Have fun!

Chantal said...

Beautiful. You have inspired me to visit there soon!

threeorangewhips said...

Lovely pics! I'll have to go again soon. Spring is so short - I'm in a panic.

threeorangewhips said...

On a unrelated note, I was wondering what lens you're using on these pics. I recently upgraded to a digital slr and now I'm going crazy deciding on which lens to buy.

Tanya said...

ok, I just realized I posted the last two comments under my husband's account - duh.

Jessica said...

Tanya, my new camera, which I have no blogged about at all surprisingly - probably because I am still figuring it out and got it as a Christmas gift, so I am not 100% sure about it yet, is the Canon 1000D, entry-SLR European model. And the 'glass' on it, if you want to sound like a pro - ha - is just the stock standard 18-55 mm lens. I shoot a lot of the flower photos in AT mode at the lowest aperture, usually around 5.6, which gives the background that nice fussiness (bokeh if you want to be technical) which I am really in love with at the moment.

Tanya... we should take a digital SLR photography course together... I am thinking of doing the next Zurich International school one that is coming up - let me know if you are interested. Not the one in May, but the next one... let me know if you are keen. ;)

Expat Traveler said...

and I think right on time as compared to last year during my visit. Beautiful finds!


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