Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love Saisonküche Magazine

Hey you - yeah you foodie you. I am talking to the one that likes all those food blogs and is trying out the new recipes and likes to eat... yeah, that is right - YOU. (wink) Hi there. :)

I thought you might like to know about a magazine that I read in Switzerland - well, the only magazine I have a subscription to actually so that should be telling enough (subscriptions are not $10 like in the States, but more - what's new - this is Switzerland you know...). But I loved this food magazine so much that I had to subscribe to it and I am glad I did.

Saisonküche is a monthly magazine about food, cooking, and food culture in Switzerland. The recipes are great and I specifically love the article each month that deconstructs a typical Swiss recipe to try (see Schweizer Klassiker online). This month for summer they had a Wurst-Käse-Salat (Sausage and cheese salad - and it uses all the stuff from the garden right now - score!).

Now, I know that the magazine is in German - but I think that is actually a good thing, as what better incentive than a big tasty something do you need to learn a bit more of the language? The other potential downside is that the magazine is sponsored heavily (if not owned?) by Migros - so a lot of the ads and food used are Migros products, but that is not too bad. They have really great offers for members to save on cookbooks and cooking equipment, too. And their website gets better each time I look at it.

So if you are a foodie like me and you want to learn a bit more German and enjoy great food - go ahead and get a subscription to Saisonküche and let me know what you think! I guarantee you will enjoy finding it in your mailbox each month.

Bonus! I just realized you can get a free copy of Saisonküche to try. Just fill out this form online.

More tomorrow on how I celebrated Switzerland's National Day in Ulm, Germany - I am crazy - I know! But you still love me right? And a few more cookbooks I recommend as this might just have to be a cooking week on Swisstory! Enjoy!
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Anneliese Mostert said...

I got that issue for free the other day! I received some card that I could send off if I wanted to try a free copy. I love recipes, but still need to make the effort to read this magazine in German. But as you say, it's good practise! And it does seem like an interesting magazine. Looking forward to more on your cooking week and recommendations!

Jessica said...

thanks for the comment, Anneliese.

Do persevere with the German as you are right - it is good practice and definately a good skill to have in Switzerland. :)

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf said...

Danke !! Just filled out the form, and will check my mailbox tomorrow ! :)

Meanwhile, I know that "Hey you" at the beginning of your post was totally directed to ME ! Right? Foodie I am !! And I do enjoy that magazine already, love all food photography and recipe ideas. Can't wait for your cookbook recommendations too! Any freebies there too? haha! Swisstory cooking week, bring it on!!

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf said...

Just realized something... I read that magazine regularly, but not as Saisonküche -- as Cuisine de Saison. I didn't realize it's the very same magazine, just in French. Hmph. So, yes, even moreso - love it!

Ellen Bras said...

I just ordered my free copy!
Thank you for the tip ;)

Kathy said...

Awesome! Ordering my free copy today!


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