Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who wants to visit me in Switzerland for free?!

Yesterday, while checking the prices for the Swiss Pass for the hundredth time as my family is coming to visit in September (yeah!), I stumbled across this site sponsored by the Swiss Travel System (trains, buses, etc. system in Switzerland) in which they are giving away an 8-10 day trip to Switzerland in September for FREE so long as they can follow you around and video parts of your stay for promotional material. Heck - you can even bring your dog! I cannot apply - no Swiss residents are eligible - but YOU my fellow American or non-expat- yes YOU CAN!

Just register online then create a video saying that you want to come to visit me - er, I mean come to Switzerland, and post it according to the rules on YouTube. Then wait to see if you won! How fun! Full details of how to apply are online. Heck, I will even allow you to use pictures of me in your film and explain why you want to come to the great Swiss lands - well, besides the fact you want to see the natural beauty of the Alps, the wonderful cultural landmarks, and try a bit of Swiss cuisine - we all know you are really coming to see me! :)

By the way, if you have not heard about the Swiss Pass, allow me to tell you what a great bargain it is. I am getting one for each of my family members visiting as we are going all around Switzerland. Actually, better yet, quoted from the Swiss Travel site:

The Swiss Pass entitles you to unlimited travel on consecutive days throughout the rail, bus and boat Swiss Travel System network. The Swiss Pass is available for 4, 8, 15 or 22 days or one month. (Note Jessica: I am getting the 8 day consecutive pass for them! There is also a non-consecutive pass for a bit more and as they are traveling together there is a 15% reduction on top of the price...)

This pass also covers scenic routes and local trams and buses in 37 towns and cities and will offer 50% reduction all most mountain-top trains and cable cars. (Note Jessica: SCORE!!!) The Swiss Pass will also include the Swiss Museum Pass, allowing you free entrance to over 400 museums and exhibitions.

This pass is only available to non-residents of Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein. No photograph is required: simply present your passport or identity card.

So if you have some visitors coming and you are going to travel predominately in Switzerland, you can save a bundle with this Swiss Pass. I fully recommend it for all foreign travelers that want to get around Switzerland quickly and cheaply!

But heck, go on and apply for the contest and you won't even need to buy a Swiss Pass... come on over already! :)
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Jessica said...

No comments?! Where is the love people? ;)

Expat Traveler said...

Just saw it... WOULD LOVE TO DO IT... Ideas??? haha.. Narrative with photos... don't think it's funny enough...

Kathy said...

Cool find. I'm sending this to my family.

cik-zura said...

soooo tempting *rolling eyes*

Jessica said...

Exapt Travelere you definately should do it! Narrative with photos is better than nothing! :)

I hope that someone reading the blog wins and then I can feature your video... hehe



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